Year 3 and 4 Books - Fourth Year Curriculum
Biblical Studies

"The Word of our God stands forever."
Isaiah 40:8
Each student will be responsible for purchasing their own books.  Purchase your student manual from Paulist Press.

3rd and 4th year students purchase item #9590-9  -  "Old and New Testaments Concluded:  The Word in the Hellenistic World"

            Paulist Phone No:  800-218-1903   Website:

Please purchase the rest of your books directly from  You will need:

    The Gospel of Matthew by Donald Senior

    Ezekiel and Daniel, Collegeville Commentary, Corrine Carvalho and
    Paul Niskanen

*Please Note:  You will be receiving an assignment in August to prepare for your first class.  You will need your books to be able to do that.