History of the Catholic Biblical Studies Program

The Catholic Biblical Studies Program has been teaching the Scriptures in Western New York since 1991.  Below is a concise history.

1991 - CBS had its beginnings at Trocaire College with 12 students led by Sister Nancy Huff, RSM.

1992 - At Sister Nancy's request, Barbara and Norman Shanahan returned to Buffalo to take her place.

1993 - Father Carroll Stuhlmueller presented the 1st Lenten Day of Prayer sponsored by CBS.

1995 - CBS sponsored its 1st Study Trip to Israel.

1996 - Our 1st Closing Mass of Thanksgiving and graduation of the 1st class were celebrated.  Also, with Diocesan approval, CBS became independent of Trocaire College.

1997 - The 1st Fall Study Day was presented by Sister Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ.

2001 - CBS celebrated its 10th Anniversary.

2006 - The 15th Anniversary of CBS was celebrated.

2011 - 20th Anniversary Closing Mass and reception.

The CBS community has grown from 12 students in its first year, to an enrollment of about 200 students and well over 500 graduates.  We have sponsored study trips to Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Greece.  We continue the tradition of Fall Study Day, Lenten Day and graduate classes.

An alumni association has been established to help support the mission of the CBS.

The CBS community is alive, growing and praying.


Biblical Studies
"The Word of our God stands forever."
Isaiah 40:8