Previous Lenten Day of Reflection Speakers

2016 - "Walking the Way of the Cross:  Biblical Reflections
        on the Land"
        Laurie Brink, OP

2015 - "Who and What Are You Looking For?
        Writings from the time "Between the Testaments"
        Leslie Hoppe, OFM

2014 - "Pondering the Scriptures of Holy Week"
        Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ

2013 - "Things Too Wonderful for Me: 
        Questions and Insights from the Book of Job"
        Sister Dianne Bergant, CSA

2012 - "Learning How to Hear What We Read"
       Dr. Elizabeth Nagel

2011 - "This is My Beloved Son; Listen to Him - A Gospel
      Portrait of Jesus"
      Father Donald Senior, CP

2010 - "Reflections on Wisdom"
      Sister Roberta Salvador, Ph.D, MM

2009 - "Encountering God in the Psalms"
      Dr. Gina Hens-Piazza

2008 - "Isaiah: From Jerusalem to Exile"
      Father Larry Boadt, CSP    

2007 - “Touching the Finger to the Flame:  Exploring
      Biblical Spirituality”
      Barbara Bowe

2006 - “Prophets:  Foundations for Ministry in a Global
      Gina Hens-Piazza
2005 - “To Fulfill All Righteousness:  The Passion of
      Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew”
      Father Donald Senior, CP

2004 - “Exodus, Passover, Easter and Eucharist:  the
      Vital Old Testament background of Holy Week”
      Father Larry Boadt

2003 - “The Cry in Lamentations:  Jerusalem's 9-11”
      Dianne Bergant, CSA

2002 - ”Treasures Old and New:  Lenten Reflections on
      Matthew’s Parables”
      Barbara Reid, OP

2001 - ”Seeing Ourselves in the Passion Story”
      Barbara Bowe, RSCJ

2000 - ”The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of John”
      Don Senior, CP

1999 - ”Discipleship and Ministry in the Letters of Paul”
      Barbara Bowe, RSCJ

1998 - ”Who is This Man Jesus?”
      Leslie Hoppe, OFM

1997 - ”To Know Jesus Christ Crucified”
      Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ

1996 - ”Jesus the Reconciler in a Violent World”
      Barbara Reid, OP

1995 - ”Scapegoat & Non-Violence: What Does it Cost
      to be Faithful?”
      Dianne Bergant, CSP

1994 - ”The Passion of Jesus, the Passion of the
      Don Senior, CP

1993 - “Jesus, a Paralyzed Messiah:  Weakness
      becomes Strength”
      Carroll Stuhlmueller, CP

Biblical Studies

"The Word of our God stands forever."
Isaiah 40:8